The Swoletown Obstacle course is OPEN as of Saturday July 8th!  Perfect for Mud Run and fitness training, team building or just plain fun!


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Obstacle Course Rules & Tips


Please note that the Obstacle Course is for ages 12 & over


We will be open rain or shine. If you don't want to train in the rain- check the weather before making reservations : )
In the event of severe weather, we will reschedule.

Dress the part! Leave the cotton t-shirts and sweats at home.  Wear breathable, sweat & moisture-wicking clothes.  The obstacles are made of wood and there are ropes - wear something that covers areas you do not want scraped or rope burned.


Must wear shoes!


Hydrate!!!! Water will be provided, however, make sure you drink plenty in the days before as well.


Make sure to bring a healthy snack to eat after you run the course. Bananas, sweet potato, or health bar with nutritious ingredients.


This course is for team-building & OCR training. Help each other, learn from one another and above all - have fun!


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