Kym Roberts
About kym

Personal training.... Why do I do it? Because watching the mental and physical transformation of each client day to day is incredible.


I struggled with my weight for many years. It wasn’t until 2005, when I was pregnant with my second son and diagnosed with cancer that I realized if I didn’t make a change quick-like, I wouldn’t be around for my boys. After having my son and the surgery to rid me of the cancer, I decided to join a gym. At first I was on my own, using the machines and getting no where since I clearly had no idea what I was doing. It wasn’t until I had a personal trainer that I saw results and was actually enjoying working out. He had me doing things I NEVER would have done on my own and before I knew it I had lost over 60 pounds*! It was during this time that I realized that I wanted to do the same for others that he did for me.


Since then, I went on to become certified and now train some of the most amazing people!


As far as training preference goes, I personally love High Intensity Training (HIT) using kettlebells, sleds, tires, ropes, and kickboxing. I started out with traditional weightlifting, but when I was introduced, by a client, to mud runs and the type of training advised for them, I fell in love with HIT. I have since completed 20+ races from 5k’s to USMC Mud Runs. The races are fun, but the greatest thing about them are my teammates. The bond that is created when you are being pushed to your limit for miles, then expected to climb a muddy 20 foot wall and you look around to see all of your teammates cheering you on and ready to catch you if you fall... is a bond that is never forgotten.


*Individual results may vary.

Holly Renfro
about holly
Why am I a personal trainer? My entire life I would sit and ponder, “What is my purpose”? It wasn’t until I was in recovery from hitting rock bottom from a harsh drug addiction that I realized my purpose was to help others, but yet I wasn’t sure which route I was going to take.


I have struggled with my weight since I was a child. I tried many weight loss programs and fad diets, which all worked, but I would eventually gain all the weight back and end up in a deep depression. In 2011, I started to diet again, as I had worked myself up to 216 pounds. I lost the weight, but was worried about putting it back on, yet again. A friend decided she wanted to join a personal training class and asked me if I wanted to join as well. I accepted. That very day was the best decision I ever made for my future. The first few weeks were utter hell. There were a few days I wanted to just give up. But this time I refused to fall into my mind trap. I stuck with it. Within a month my body had already changed quite a bit (Can you believe it? This stuff actually works!). A couple of months later I joined the team as a coach. That's when  I realized my purpose!